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Rent Problems?

If you find yourself in financial difficulties for whatever reason, it is extremely important you contact us as soon as you know there will be a problem paying your rent.

We cannot help if we do not know what the problem is. Rent arrears are extremely serious and may lead to you being evicted from the property.

If we know the reasons, and have a plan in place to clear or reduce the arrears, it is less likely that that eviction proceedings will commence.

We will discuss the issues with the owner so they are aware of any delay in payment, but any decision about your tenancy is ultimately down to them.

We will try to do whatever we can to advice and assist you, and to keep your landlord informed, as they may have expenses due on the property which cannot be made if they do not receive their expected rent.

We may ask you to complete an income and expenditure form to see what you can afford and go to the landlord with this information.

Housing Benefit - if you have lost your job, or your income has been reduced, you may be entitled to Housing Benefit. Please contact Swale Borough Council on 01795 417555 to discuss this with them. If you are in receipt of Housing Benefit and miss 2 rent payments we will contact Swale Borough Council to request that your Housing Benefit is paid directly to us. If the amount of your benefit is less that your rent due, you are responsible for the difference. You can pay this weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly or monthly, whichever is easiest for you to budget.

Citizens Advice Bureau - may be able to give you advice on any benefits that you may be entitled to, which may ease your financial situation.

Online - there are plenty of free debt advice sites on the internet where you can get expert advice.

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