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  • Look after your Property - a well decorated, clean and tidy property will always let easily, have less void periods and is more likely to attract and keep good tenants
  • Respond to problems quickly and use good reliable tradespeople - building trust and a good relationship with your tenant can pay dividends. We have a list of local tradepeople who are reliable and good at what they do - we also do not charge them, or you, a maintenance arranging fee or commission, to keep the price as low as we can for you.
  • Think of your target market when renting. If you are likely to be letting to a family with children, avoid light coloured carpets which would stain easily.
  • Pets are not always a bad thing - good tenants who have pets often make the best tenants. Damage is usually rare and we charge our tenants a Pet Surcharge at the commencement of the tenancy to cover the cost of a professional clean and carpet clean and deodorisation when they vacate.
  • Don't discount people on benefits - many people in the Private Rented Sector now have some sort of financial assistance and can make excellent tenants. We will also be able to advise you and we will always fully reference any prospective tenant.

Know Your Rights

At The Lettings Centre we believe that every tenant and Landlord should be treated equally, fairly and with respect. We expect our clients to treat us in the same way. We also think that tenants and Landlords should be aware of their responsibilities as well as their rights.

We belong to the Property Ombudsman Scheme and the National Approved Letting Scheme; we must adhere to their rules.

During an independent survey by the Property Ombudsman we were the only agent in the ME10 area to Score 100% for Code Of Practice Ratings by both Landlords and Tenants and 99% in Satisfaction Ratings

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