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Do's, Don'ts & Rights


  • DO check the property and inventory thoroughly when you move in and return the inventory to us within 7 days. If you have made any amendments we will take note of these when you move out, and when we carry out our final inspection. This will help in relation to deciding if we need to withhold any of your deposit because of damages.
  • DO talk to us/your Landlord immediately if you believe any repairs that are needed during your tenancy.
  • DO work with us and your landlord if problems arise.
  • DO look after the property. It is your home.
  • DO be a good tenant and neighbour.
  • DO tell us as soon as can if you experience financial problems, so we can give you advice and discuss the problem with your landlord. If we know there is a problem and you how you are trying to resolve this, we are less likely to need to evict you due to non-payment of rent.


  • DON'T just stop paying your rent if you are having financial problems - talk to us or your landlord. You may be evicted if you run up rent arrears and it may cause you problems renting in the future, or affect your credit history if you are taken to court.
  • DON'T stop paying your rent if you feel repairs are not being carried out quickly enough. This may not be the landlords/agents fault, but time taken for contractors to assess the work and provide estimates then booking in the job with you, or waiting for parts or materials. Again you could run up rent arrears which could cause the same problems as mentioned above.
  • DON'T try and hide damage you have caused. We will find it when we do our final inspection and you could lose some or all of your deposit, as well as affect any reference we give you in the future.

Know Your Rights

At The Lettings Centre we believe that every tenant should be treated equally, fairly and with respect. We expect our tenants treat us in the same way. We also think that tenants should be aware of their responsibilities as well as their rights.

As an agent we belong to the National Approved Lettings Scheme and the Property Ombudsman Scheme, and they have a code of practise that we must adhere to. Click here to download a copy of these rules.

Your deposit, under Government legislation to safeguard tenants' deposits and allow for the resolution of any disputes, MUST be registered with an approved scheme.

As agents we belong to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme. They are supported by the Association of Residential Lettings Agents, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and the National Association of Estate Agents, and allows for us to hold our tenants' deposits. Any disputes that cannot be settled at the end of your tenancy may be referred to an Independent Complaints Examiner, whose decision will be binding on both Landlords and Tenant. Once you have paid your deposit you will be sent a certificate showing a unique number. To view the Tenancy Deposit Scheme website please click here.

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